Nicki Burgess

The social media support sessions we run at Fulham Library continue to be an invaluable learning hub for local startups and small businesses in the borough. The 1-on-1 sessions offer bespoke advice to each attendee that positions the business to make up to date changes to their current marketing activities. At a crucial time when the High Streets continue to face today’s challenges, we certainly believe that these support sessions, and other similar provisions, are essential to aid our businesses further to thrive online. Based on the feedback we have been receiving for each session, we highly recommend these insightful and concise sessions to support local businesses.

Nicki Burgess Business Engagement Manager Hammersmith and Fulham Council

Group Instagram Marketing Session Feedback

  • Thought the session was clear and helpful.
  • I feel more confident to use Instagram and Maximize it's potential
  • Great, enjoyable and practical session
  • Informative session especially for a new business like mine.
  • Couldn't have done this without you! Thank..


  • Thank you. You have made Instagram less scary
  • I feel empowered to take action
  • Great session!
  • Thank you for making Instagram simple
  • Looking forward to apply the tips...


Digitalise trainer is extremely professional, yet also highly personable. She will deliver an information filled workshop in a professional manner and yet still make you feel you can interact and ask questions very openly. I gladly endorse Francene for her Digital Marketing training and look forward to working with her in the future.

Jason Grant
High Street Officer Hammersmith and Fulham

Digitalise and team delivered an excellent workshop for The H&F Enterprise club.

Snjezana Maclean
Event Organiser

Group Facebook Marketing Session Feedback

  • Informative workshop.
  • I liked all the info and tips about how to get customers.
  • Very comprehensive overview.
  • I liked the fact that it covered Facebook well.
  • The presentation was very well presented with valuable information.”
  • Liked everything.
  • Brilliant workshop – it has helped me decide on the business I will start.
  • The subject is excellent, should be covered at least once a year.
  • It was friendly and along the way to answer the main objective for me.
  • Content covered especially the road map in Facebook marketing was exceptional.


  • The handout was excellent.
  • Love it, very informative, good physical environment found likeminded people.
  • It was informative and fun.
  • All were very good and helpful.
  • I liked that all the information given on how to increase engagement on the Facebook page.
  • Interesting!
  • Very informative.
  • Loads of detailed, relevant and factual information about Facebook.
  • Very helpful and thank you.


I have found the session with Digitalise very helpful. The trainer gave some great advice on how to grow my audience with some new tactics to build brand awareness.


Diana Mukalere

Helpful and calm atmosphere with a bespoke approach I found useful.



I found the session bespoke to my need and was able to have a targeted discussion that relates to my niche, budget and time availability.


Clare Farnon
Alchemy People

I have taken away so much from the session. It was informative and helpful with great tips and advice on how to grow an audience. The whole session was mind-blowing!


Claudia Bordalo
Bonito Furniture

I appreciate everything about the session and the trainer was patient and welcoming.


Laura Kennedy
Laura Kennedy Chochets